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Excel tutorials

In what way can we all start Microsof Excel 2013 on the Windows 7 operating system.

Start and Close Excel

Excel 2013 can run via a shortcut on the desktop (if this shortcut is created when you install MS Office 2013). So double-click the left mouse button.

first way to runing MS Excel 2013 via a shortcut on the desktop

Another way to start Excel 2013 program is through the shortcut on the Quick Start Menu in the lower left corner of the monitor or screen). Click on => Start => Microsoft Excel

Another way to run MS Excel 2013 through the shortcut on the Start menu in Windows 7

One of the ways to open or launch Microsoft Excel 2013 application program is via the search fields in the operating system of Windows 7.

So click on the Start button => in the search box (Search programs and files) Enter the Excel => wait for Windows to show us that all the files are found and then click on the Excel 2013 file that is displayed in the field Programs.

third way to launch MS Excel 2013 program via a search field in the Start menu, Windows 7

In much the quick menu is not in Excel icon with the name then follow Start => All Programs => Microsoft Office 2013 => Microsoft Excel

The fourth way to launch Microsoft Excel 2013 program from the Start menu

Excel 2013 can also open or run across a file that was created in Excel or a program that reminds open in Excel. It is necessary to find the folder location where the file is located and double-click your mouse on the file name (name.xls, name.xlsx and all other files that are associated to open using Excel 2013 program).

how to run MS Excel 2013 via Windows Explorer

When you start Excel 2013 program on briefly is loaded and appears introductory Options window for Excel 2013.

window when you start MS Excel 2013 program

Opening a dialog box of Microsoft Excel 2013 appears in only the start. In this dialog window, we have a choice to do that is how we want to start with the work, and therefore we have the following options:

1. Open a blank workbook or worksheet.
2. Recent second workbook that is open workbooks that are already opened and worked in them.
3. Open Other Workbooks.
4. Search online for the fourth template workbook or worksheet in Excel 2013.
5. Open but finished 2013 with Excel templates offered in appearance and functionality.

The opening window of MS Excel 2013 and more ways to open a new or existing workbook

As we close in and out of Microsoft Excel 2013

Closing a Microsoft Excel 2013 workbook or program or exit from Excel 2013 can also be done in several ways.

One way is to click on the Excel icon in the upper left corner of the window and to close or press Alt+F4

How to get out of Excel 2013 that is close Microsoft Excel 2013 program by clicking the icon or shortcut Alt + F4


Another way to exit from Excel 2013 via a text menu, click on File => Close

close or exit from Excel 2013 over a text menu

And follows shows how we can get out and close the Excel workbook. Click on the X sign or button in the upper right corner of the work window title bar.

exit and close the workbook, Excel 2013 via a button X on the title bar

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