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Options and Settings in Excel 2013 - part II

Continued from previous tutorials website

Advanced Options in Excel 2013

In the Advanced options, note that all subgroups and settings can be adjusted: for example, here we can determine in which direction will move the cell selection after pressing Enter key on your keyboard or automatic setting of decimal places for the numbers in the cells after entering the number. Also here we can set how much we want to show the last visited workbooks (Recent Workbooks) or hide/show gridlines, etc.

  1. Editing options
  2. Cut, copy and pase
  3. Image Size and Quality
  4. Print
  5. Chart
  6. Display
  7. Display options for this workbook:
  8. Formulas
  9. When calculating this workbook:
  10. General
  11. Data
  12. Lotus compability
  13. Lotus compability Settings for:

Where and how to change the settings for advanced options in Excel 2013

Customize Ribbon Options in Excel 2013

In the Customize Ribbon options you will see two columns that you can add or remove certain commands on the toolbar or ribbon tab. For details, see the tutorial Toolbar in Excel 2013.

Where and how to change the settings to customize options ribbon in Excel 2013

Quick Access Toolbar Options in Excel 2013

The Quick Access Toolbar options also notice two columns that you can add or remove specific commands to the toolbar for quick launch. For details, see the tutorial toolbar for quick launch commands in Excel 2013.

Where did and how to change the settings for quick access toolbar options in Excel 2013

Add-Ins Options in Excel 2013

In the Add-Ins options you see how you can integrate or remove certain compatible plug-ins in Excel 2013 Analysis ToolPak and such like.

Where and how to change the settings for add-ins options in Excel 2013

Trust Center Options in Excel 2013

In the Trust Center options subgroups and note that all settings can be adjusted: in this dialog box options menu is interesting Trust Center Settings ... buton which displays additional configuration options.

  1. Protecting your privacy
  2. Security & more
  3. Microsoft Excel Trust Center 

Where and how to change the trust center options in Excel 2013 that is the location where we believe / trust

Trust Center Settings Options in Excel 2013

Adjustments that can be done in this dialog box are related to certain elements/apps/sites etc. in which we have confidence that it will not harm our work and computer. If you click on the Trust Center Settings buton then have the option of additional settings and adjustments for these tutorials that I write for absolute beginners to us will be interesting Macro Settings. In this part of the Excel option we can set the level of security before launching Excel Workbook from an unknown source which can possibly contain Vba macros with malicious code that could harm our MS Office or PC computer.

In the Trust Center Settings options notice subgroups and that all settings can be adjusted:

  1. Trusted Publishers
  2. Trusted Locations
  3. Trusted Documents
  4. Trusted App Catalogs
  5. Add-Ins
  6. Active Settings
  7. Macro Settings
  8. Protected View
  9. Message Bar
  10. External Content
  11. File Block Settings
  12. Privacy Options

VBA Macro settings in Excel 2013

Macro Settings Options - The settings and security settings VBA macros in Excel 2013