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Excel tutorials

When it comes to adding or insert pictures in a worksheet Excel 2013 then we can use the commands for inserting images that are on the toolbar Insert, a group of commands Illustrations. These three commands to insert a picture in Excel 2013 named: Pictures, Online Pictures and Take a Screenshot.

The commands for Inserting Picture or Image in Excel

The commands for inserting pictures in Excel 2013 on the Insert toolbar

Using first command Pictures, you can add an image in a worksheet Excel 2013 that is on our hard drive or CD, DVD or USB memory. Therefore, by choosing the Insert Picture dialog box we keep selecting images to add to the worksheet in the Workbook. Notice in the picture below that I added a picture of the 'C' partition my hard drive in a folder 'Temp' and subfolder 'excel 2013'.

Insert Pictures dialog box to insert pictures in Excel 2013 Workbook

After you insert a picture in Excel worksheet appears in a new toolbar named Picture Tools Format. On this toolbar you can further edit and format the inserted picture on the worksheet. The options and commands on this toolbar I will not write, Is up to you to explore it (this is the tutorial for absolute beginners with the basic operations in Excel 2013).

Example images added to the worksheet Excel 2013

Insert a Picture in Excel from Clip Art or Bing Image Search Engine

If you want to add or insert an image and do not have it on your hard disk, Excel 2013 offers you the ability to see the image in Clip Art. For this operation it is necessary to use the command Online Pictures on the Insert toolbar. When you run the respective command appears you a dialog window where you have two options.

  • Clip Art
  • Bing Image Serach

So if you want to find an image in Clip Art in and if not there you can not find a suitable picture then look for other options i.e. using Microsoft Bing Search engine.

Adding pictures to a worksheet from the Clip Art in Excel

When you finding an appropriate image that you want to insert or add to the Excel 2013 worksheet, then you select and click on the Insert button.

Choosing images from the Clip Art to insert the worksheet Excel 2013

Editing images in Excel 2013

In the picture below you notice the picture added to the worksheet Excel 2013. Also you look toolbar Picture Tools - Format. On the Format toolbar, you can additionally edit the images that have been added to an Excel worksheet. Just click on the picture and you will see a box around the selected image. You can rotate the image or rotate as well as change the color sharpness, cut parts, resize, flip and the like.

Example added or inserted images in Excel

Insert Screenshot in Excel 2013

In real-time while working in Excel 2013, you have the option of inserting Screenshot (picture monitor screen). Clicking the command Take a Screenshot you have a choice of recorded window as you have more open applications. After you insert a screenshot, the image can cut the parts that suit you. If you click on the command Screen Cliping then have the option to mark the area of ​​the monitor screen, the active window, and you want to insert the worksheet, Excel 2013.

 Insert a screenshot on a worksheet in Excel