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Excel tutorials

Creating a drop-down list in Excel examples

In this tutorial, which is a continuation from previous page I will show you how to create or make the drop-down list if there is data on the same or on another worksheet in the same workbook. How to create a simple drop-down list, see the previous tutorial on the link.

Creating a drop-down menu if you have the data or a list on the same worksheet

If you have a need to create or make a drop down menu with a list of census data is on the same worksheet but in the second column, then do the instructions as follows.

Run the command 'Data Validation' to 'Data' toolbar. In the dialog box, set up 'Allow: List' and then click on the button for selecting the range of data (step 4). Please select a mouse all the data stored in the column and you want to have them listed in the drop-down menu. After selecting the data from the list again, click on the button for selection to return to the dialog box and finished with a click of the mouse on the OK button.

How to create a drop-down list if the list in Excel table on the same worksheet

Please select the cell with the mouse where you set up a drop-down menu and open it by clicking the mouse button on the triangles. Note that showed up all the data that you have previously selected by when creating the list. Also you notice (see photo above) that the range of data identical to the range of cells that have previously been selected by the mouse and that the first and last cell specific absolute address.

Layout drop-down list with the list that is in the second column on the same worksheet in Excel

Creating a drop-down menu if the list on another worksheet in the Excel workbook

In cases where you list the data on the second worksheet and you want to take advantage of the drop down menu then it is advisable to naming a data list that is to name a range of cells. Named range of cells on another worksheet allows us to use it further in any worksheet workbook and concerned that we do not have to think about a range of cells. Easier to work with us is the name of a defined range of cells.

List of data for the drop down menu on another worksheet in the Excel workbook

After I defined name ranges of cells on Sheet4, I returned to Sheet3 and set the combo box via the 'Data Validation' dialog box, in the 'Source:' I enter the formula =continents that is the name that I have defined for a specific range of cells.

How to use data from another worksheet in Excel for any list or drop-down menu

In the event that I am not a defined name ranges of cells, but if I just selected a range of cells, then the field 'Source' the formula would look like this: =Sheet3!$A$1:$A$6

Also, see how to create 'Error Alert' and 'Input Message' via 'Data Validation' in the cell where we want to use the drop-down menu.