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Change Font of Column and Row Headings

Editing 'Normal Style' in Excel

If you've ever had an Excel workbook where you noticed a modified font of letters and numbers in the names or headings of columns and rows and you wanted to change the headings, see in this tutorial how you can set a different font and font size in column headings and row headings.

In the image below, note the default style in Excel (Normal). Note the type, size of the letters in the column headings and the numbers in the rows. The default style is 'Normal' and the font is 'Calibri (Body) size 11'.


Default Normal Style of columns and rows headings in Excel

So, we want to change the font and size in the row and column headings.

Change Letters and Numbers in Column and Row Headings

In the picture below, you can see step by step how to change the default style.

  1. On the 'Home' tab, click 'Cell Styles' (If you are using a larger width monitor you may not have this command but you can directly access the "Normal Style" command (see the last screenshot of this tutorial).
  2. Right-click on the "Normal" style
  3. Click on the 'Modify' command

How to Change Normal Style in Excel


In the newly opened window, click on the 'Format' button. (Note the default settings included in the list beforehand)

Format Style in Excel


A new window opens where you notice the tabs. We are currently interested in the 'Font' tab. Put a new font, style, size etc in it ... Finally click on the 'OK' button -> 'OK' button

Setting the style format in Excel


In the picture below, you can see what the titles and numbers look like in the column headings and numbers in the rows now look. Letters and Numbers are higher.

Resized fonts in column and row headings in Excel


Changed the Normal Style and Headings of Columns/Rows

Finally, notice what the new default style set in the Excel workbook looks like.

Modified Normal style in Excel