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Content Excel Examples 4

In this third part (Excel Examples 4) of Excel tutorials and Excel examples, you can find Excel Tutorials and Excel Examples that are continued from the previous packet menu.

All Excel Examples, Excel Functions and Excel Formulas are practically displayed along with visual monitoring of screenshots, step by step.

162. Highlight all the cells that contain the formula
163. Add a Zero (0) digit in front of the extracted numbers
164. Find the nearest higher value and return the value from the third column
165. Highlight Duplicate Values in Excel
166. Sum of Negative Values by Months With Two Conditions
167. Copy Specific Range and Paste to Closed Workbook



Pay attention, you may need as a delimiter of arguments formula use a comma (,) instead of a semicolon (;).
Copy formula to Notepad and with Find/Replace change semicolon to comma.