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How to Activate Wireless Network

After finishing work with the Wizard, go to your desktop and click on the My Network Places icon => View Network Connections. Appears to us two connections.

This time we are interested in the LAN adapter Wireless Network Connection (USB wireless network adapter). Right-click on this connection and then click Properties.

 USB Wireless Network Connection Properties

In the new window, click on the Wireless Networks tab and click the Add button to add the newly created network. In the SSID field, type the name of the newly created wireless network. Other options to select as shown below (Data Encription WEP2) for the Network Key box, type (copy) the password from those *.TXT file you recorded on your desktop PC's. Be sure to include the most bottom option 'This is a computer-to-computer (ad hoc) network, wireless access points are not used'. 

 Network Name SSID

 Data Encription WEP

Notice now added and activated Wireless Network (Ad Hoc wireless network) in the list but with a red cross, which means it is not yet active. Click on the OK button. 

 Added a wireless network to Wireless USB Adapter

Again click on the icon for your wireless network in the right corner of the monitor (Sys try) to activate the window for a view of all wireless networks in the area. Notice now, and our newly created Ad-Hoc wireless network

 View added Ad Hoc Wireless Network

Wireless Network Connection

Click on the image above to the Connect button. Let's copy our Network Key (the password from TXT file from the desktop) and click on the Connect button.

 Add network key for USB Ad-Hoc wireless network

Let's wait how long it takes to make a connection.

Connect your computer with Ad Hoc wireless network

And finally, a window appears in which we find that there is no external computer (laptop or notebook) that is on line on our Ad-Hoc wireless network. Do not be confused by this warning "Unsecured computer-to-computer network" as it will be when connecting to another computer over a wireless network this change. 

 Choose a wireless network from list

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